New measures

A little update of what’s been happening here in France, what I’m up to.

Yesterday our president gave a 45 minute interview and introduced new security measures for the upcoming weeks. New rules will be applied to the 8 cities which are currently in the dreaded Red zone. Montpellier is such city, so from this Saturday we’ll have the new curfew: 9pm – 6am which means everything will be shut and you have to be at home by 9pm. You have to provide a valid enough reason to be out after these hours (some essential jobs will stay in place). 

I must admit I’m relieved that we’re not getting the second lockdown (fingers crossed). Besides, these curfew hours work fine for me and my job. As for meeting friends (now maximum 6 people) for a drink earlier than normal doesn’t bother me 🙂 I will miss out on my Monday evening football though, oh well, we’ll just have to find another sport activity earlier in the day!

This week I received my lockdown photo zine! I’m happy with the result. You can’t deny the quality of Blurb printing. The main issue with them remains high delivery fees but otherwise, the whole process of making the zine with their BookWrite software and having an option to sell it via Blurb library is pretty cool. 

Thanks for taking the time and checking this out, always appreciate it. Stay safe and till next time!


11 comments on “New measures

  1. The Blurb magazine format is their best choice for a photo book when you want to make it reasonably affordable. I’ve done two and have plans brewing for another! I’ve ordered a copy of your new book. I look forward to it!

    • Thanks a lot Jim and agree with you about format and pricing. Seems to be the most reasonable way to go. Wish you the best with creating a new one! Will be following your process.

  2. Very different from the complete lockdown we found ourselves already second time during the last half-year. and we still have a few months to finish this year so who knows where we will find ourselves.
    Your zine looks great, congrats Yuri!

  3. Congrats on pulling together your ezine. I’ve thought of doing it but dreaded the thought of going thru all my photos – it’s a huge hurdle to getting started.

    • Thanks a lot Sandy and i know what you mean. I think it helps if you narrow it down to a certain theme or a subject matter but yes, looking through the library can be exhausting but also sometimes rewarding.

  4. The zine looks good, it must have been so exciting when it arrived! Is color printing quite a bit more expensive than b/w? Did you mention already how long it took from the time you finished the last literal editing to when they delivered/it arrived to your doorstep? Blurb should be paying you under the table for answering all of these questions. Nice shot with the steps, here. that’s what I call some leading lines. that looks like the same guy I saw in another picture except it doesn’t look like he has a beard, here. Same long-looking stride, though. Take care of yourself, Yuri. These next few months could be such a doozie, so worrisome. Cases are starting to really explode back up in many parts of the U.S. exactly as epidemiologists feared

    • First of all thanks Jason for checking this out, appreciate your interest and I feel like I need to promote the zine making. I must note that I get nothing from Blurb for it 🙂 It is simply what I chose to use so I’m sharing my experiences and if someone feels like making one themselves and they find any of my info helpful, then I’m happy with that!
      It took about a week for the delivery but it may even be quicker if you already live in USA, that’s for you to check out when ordering.

      In my zine i actually included one colour page, just to mix it up. The cost is actually based on what format (book/magazine/album) you’re making and how many pages but from what I’ve learnt, magazine formats are the more reasonable option considering high shipment fees and taxes that we pay to receive them.

      As for the guy in the picture, that’s another man. I liked his wide, careless stride towards the light beams which are piercing the clouds.

      Thanks again Jason and take care. Next few months are looking to be tough indeed…

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