The light before dark

Before we all get locked up again, I wanna make the best of this light. This autumnal air. It’s probably the best time of the year for outdoor photography. Thing is… we’re still in f***** 2020 and tonight our president will speak again and introduce new restrictions. A second national lockdown? Very possible. So let us enjoy the beauty of Montpellier in this catastrophic year. 

These are made with the trusty Fuji X70 and a Monochrome recipe from Ritchie at Fuji X Weekly. If you’re a Fuji shooter, make sure to check out his newly updated site with all the Recipes nicely organised.

Thank you for visiting. Stay safe and creative!


19 comments on “The light before dark

  1. Lovely shots as usual Yuri.

    The area of England where I live has been placed in the highest, Tier 3, level of restrictions as of last weekend. While not as severe as the full lockdown we had in the spring, it still restricts activity. I hope it will help, but am also frustrated that its introduction coincided with my week’s leave, meaning a number of places I had hoped to visit while there is still some autumnal colour are now pretty much out of bounds. On top of that it’s been raining much of the week too!

    Hope any lockdown you have doesn’t restrict you too much, and that you remain safe.

    • Thanks you and we’re also going into restricted movement from Friday. I guess very similar to yours… until December. We’ll wait and see. Thanks again and stay safe too!

  2. These are all cool. The frame at the bottom is my favorite. It would be incredible to live and work amidst all these great, noble plazas and squares. How much different would these pictures be if it weren’t for the pandemic? Would these scenes be far more bustling with pedestrians? Or is it the kind of place that’s quiet at the shoulder times of the day?

    If there was more sanity and justice here, there’d be many parts of the U.S. entering lockdown right now or at least announcing drastic new restrictions.

  3. Hi Jason, thanks for your comment and yes, these places would normally be more busy. We’re missing a lot of tourists this autumn due to pandemic and it’s also school holidays so lots of people are out of town. But I don’t like to include many folks in my images anyway. One to three human figures is enough for me 🙂

    As of Friday, we’re going into semi lockdown. Schools stay open but you can get out only to go to work and back and for groceries. We’ll wait and see…

  4. Hey Yure. So beautiful compressed with the contrasts of BW Montpellier scenes. I forget already when the last time I walked with my camera just to hunt the streets.
    Our complete lockdown already finished but we are still close almost for every kind of the usual activity we had and lost.
    Stay safe, stay alive, and stay free as I write at the finishing frames in my slideshows on Youtube 🙂

    • Thank you Victor. I hope you hit the streets very soon to document the end of this frustrating year and most of all to enjoy just being out there with a camera. (I understand that you’re still documenting the protests) Take care!

      • Yes i have to do this. These days are really busy at work and yesterday i felt too broken to attend another 20 km night protest rally in TelAviv but will go to Jerusalem tomorrow. Its some kind of the street photography so im ok ;-))) Realized 3d slideshow at YouTube and thinking about the next. Stay safe Yuri.

  5. I like these photos, with their silhouettes and bold shadows, and attention to the geometric shapes in the scene.
    Yes, hard to face more lockdowns. And other than Belgium and Czechia, the infection rate in the U.S. is even worse than Europe’s.

  6. Lovely photographs Yuri, it looks like you got some nice light for that final opportunity. I remember the long walk we went on that final afternoon before lockdown in March. We had no idea it would be the last one for so long. Salut!

    • Thanks Owain! The light was magical and as it turns out our lockdown so far is not as strict as it was in March so I’m happy I’m able to go on photo walks during the day. (just for an hour though 🙂

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