The night before

This is my last photo walk and I mean a proper photo walk, where I’m not limited with time or distance. Where I don’t have to justify me being outside. A city freelance, following wherever my eyes or a good light might take me.

We are officially into the second (eased lockdown) as the second wave of the pandemic proved itself to be much stronger than the first. 

The scenes below are what I have witnessed in the evening before the lockdown. A city centre full of people. Rushing and bustling like ants, looking desperately for something that they think they’ll miss or will not find after. Maybe early Christmas shoppers? Just stocking up for a 4 week quarantine? Maybe both…


Some have decided to wait patiently. After all, the whole world is at your fingertips…


The next chapter awaits… Thanks for visiting and stay safe wherever you are.


11 comments on “The night before

  1. We used to say ‘stay safe’ but not that we’re facing more lockdown it should really be ‘stay sane’.

    I find I’m getting more and more content to shoot indoors. I’m lucky enough to have to very expressive humans living with me.

    I also enjoy the challenge of shooting the lines, colours and shapes of my belongings. Usually the subject is irrelevant; it becomes an exercise in arranging lines, finding interest in the mundane.

    I’ll be interested to see your approach to that over,the coming weeks.

  2. Those lights in the carousel are normally so carefree and enchanting….the blurriness of the picture belies the anxiety of the times. Is that a year-round attraction or is it just for the winter months? Perhaps your walks to and from the bakery will afford you fleeting chances to get some frames. On to the next chapter, Yuri. I guess it is one way of thinking of it. There are really long chapters that are hard to read in one sitting and then there are ones impossibly short that feel more like interupptions.

    • Thanks for stopping by Jason. The carousel is all year round. It’s right in the old city centre.
      This time the lockdown is not as harsh as we can come out few times a day, just gotta provide an excuse (which you can fill in and upload on your phone), there are less people outside but still some places remain open…
      It’s confusing, we’ll see where we at by Xmas as a much stricter lockdown is on the cards for January.

      For now, all eyes on USA elections and amazingly it’s a tight race… mindblowing really. The nation stays very much divided. Fingers crossed that orange baboon will pack his bags soon. take care

  3. Hey Yuri ! great a little gloomy series but seems like it’s what you felt at this moment. Like the last day of freedom that we lost already. Lovely blurred crowd. We are already after the lockdown that was too long and most of the places are still closed. Many small businesses just disappeared forever. No action, no joy. Hope your lockdown will be really easy like promised to you.

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