Present tense

Visual expression is very often inspired by music for me. I’ve noticed it has always been that way. I’m not a person to have or think of regrets in life but probably the only one I have is that I can’t play any musical instruments. I have a good musical ear and I consider music being a very important thing in my life. Maybe as important as photography but I Can actually make photos, create a story before my eyes, use light and my instincts to express what I’m feeling at that moment. I can’t create a melody…

I would often go on photo walks with headphones on, following the light, the melody, the lyrics of a certain song. On the last photo walk, “Present Tense” by Radiohead spoke to me and while reviewing the images, I saw the sequence.


Taken in Montpellier, France with Fuji X70

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14 comments on “Present tense

  1. Beautiful series Yuri!
    Radiohead has so much pictorial superpowers.

    I often make up imaginary film images listening to these sorts of melodies, visualising a tracking shot of some sort.

    Black and white really suits you.

  2. This is a great photo walk. I love how every subject is put into context. The high contrast black & white works surprisingly well here, by the way. Were these shot using on of Fuji’s presets?

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