The Pond

I took these just before we went into the second lockdown. 

This is a part of The Golden Pond of Montpellier and is situated a few kilometres out of the city. I used to work near this place. I got sick of the work but never got sick of that view. I haven’t been here in about 3 years. Happy to revisit.

Few years back I made a little sequence about my commute to work, check here if interested 🙂

Thank you being here,


2 comments on “The Pond

  1. Lovely light in the first shot. The pond looks like it goes on for miles.

    Your commute sequence is great too. I work from home, which is great in many ways, but I miss the opportunity for things like that.

    • Thanks man. That pond is quite big actually. Many photo opportunities around it. I might go back and explore it more and all around when we’re allowed to get out again…

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