I…. solation

Another day, another photo walk. I guess we’re lucky we can come out few times a day but part of me thinks that this semi-confinement doesn’t actually do anything but harm our economy and mental health. 

In many ways, it just doesn’t make any sense. All non-essential shops are closed (small independent boutiques, hairdressers etc) AND book shops and libraries! Yes guys, the books in France are not essential… I’ll give you a few seconds to digest that.

But big supermarkets are open, where there is no limit of how many people can go in… go figure. Parks remain open and lots of people gather with their kids to get fresh air and stay sane so social distancing out of the window.

These rules are so vague, with many interpretations that I fear we may be doing this juggling throughout the next year too. 

Time will tell. For now, a cup of coffee and off I go. Streets are calling…

Let’s finish up with John Lennon lyrics from the song “Isolation” :

We’re afraid of everyone
Afraid of the sun
The sun will never disappear
But the world may not have many years

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13 comments on “I…. solation

  1. Enjoying your images, especially the shots in the stairwell.
    We’re now under almost identical COVID rules to yourself – that’s us for three weeks starting today. I hope you can withstand these restrictions. We seem to get all well explained to us so feel it will be worthwhile. Just stay creative – you images are all appreciated.

  2. We are there again. Our second lockdown started 6pm today.

    I love love love that first image: your hand on the stairs. If you ever want to do a print swap I would love a print of that.

  3. Love this empty streets series and the words said.
    Many angry people around. and there is no light in the end of the tunnel we are stuck.
    They started to talk about Vaccination. I don’t believe in any Vaccination – the big-money deals are behind this. The cost of every dose is around $20. Everyone needs 2 in one time (have no idea why), so $40 for the 4 million doses already requested. $160m for one time for half of the small country like Israel. There are rumors that Vaccination will be a must. The meaning – there will be limitations for the ppl who don’t mind using this shit.
    funny time. – the world may not have many years, as he said.

    • Thanks Victor.
      The vaccine issue is a scary one. It’s unthinkable that they’ll be mandatory for everyone but it looks like its’ going this way. I too think everyone should decide for themselves.

  4. Yuri, the rules in the UK are no clearer, I would go as far as to say possibly more so, where England, Scotland and Wales, rather than working together for a common cause, decide upon different rules.

    I am in a fortunate position where I am still able to work, giving my life a sense of normality for a few hours a day but the wearing of masks on my necessary food shops are a constant reminder of Covid-19

    Keep the posts coming Yuri

    • Thank you Andy. Those who haven’t lost their jobs can feel fortunate for sure (including me for now) but we’ll see where we are in January and this vaccination circus coming up.
      As for masks, it’s weird how it became so normal yet strange. I just wanna see people’s faces!
      Take care 🙂

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