Friendly Friday: Unique

This Friday’s friendly challenge is something Unique. A unique experience or something incredible that you have come across in your life.

My first reaction was trying to remember and share something from the past. I began going through the memories of places and people I have met or photographed and then I thought, let’s slow down. I am thinking about it too literally. How about a simple, more philosophical approach.


As this blog is mainly concentrated on photography and visual expression, I think it would be a good idea to remind everyone who has doubts or insecurities. To anyone who loses faith at times, who struggles with self-confidence and optimism. To anyone who is questioning their creative output, including myself.

We are all unique. Each and every one of you. No matter how you express yourself.


Concerning photography – sure, you can copy great photographers but it’s all just a learning curve and the search for your unique vision or style (if there is one). Hell, your style can be having NO style, what do I know? All I know is how You look at this world can never be repeated or replicated. You are UNIQUE.

Was that too much preaching? Sorry, didn’t mean it to be but I feel some of us need that kind of boost, especially this year. So, even if one person reading this finds it helpful, I’m good with that.


Thank you Sandy for inspiration and if you want to participate in the challenge, make sure you check out Sandy’s blog.

Thank you for reading this, appreciate it.


11 comments on “Friendly Friday: Unique

    • Thanks a lot Robert! Yes, it’s exactly my point. I saw a halo at that moment, you might have seen noticed another interesting detail. Everyone with their unique point of view 🙂

  1. “Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity” . (Maxime Lagacé). Thank you for the lovely warm post. Do not have doubts about your own creativity. Your photos are really different.
    Have a great weekend of semi freedom!

  2. I love this! Such an important reminder not to measure ourselves as photographers against others (although I would add that learning from others is nevertheless important). And I love your photos too!

  3. Thank you for these kind words, always important to remind it. I’m going to check Sandy’s blog, I want to read more (By the way, the photo in the church is STUNNING!)

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