So long 2020

As we approach the end of the year, I think it’s time to quickly glance back. But I have no intention in talking about the pandemic. Instead, I’d like to emphasise positive things that happened this year.

For example; after taking a long break from blogging in 2019, where I only posted once… I have decided to make an effort and go back into the blogging world and I made the right decision. Shortly after my “Blog, you say?” post, I realised how much I miss this personal space, this little yet huge blogging community. Thanks to my decision, I have reunited with some old blogging friends and also got to know new creative and inspirational people. Amongst my favourite blogs in 2020 are Victor Bezrukov, Dan James, Luis Costa, Jim Grey, Gary Quinn, Steel City Snapper, V’s French chronicles, Owain Shaw, Darts & Letters just to name a few… It really doesn’t compare to other photography based social platforms for me.

Being back and blogging regularly also have reignited my passion for photography. Be it after reading an inspiring blog post, participating in a photo challenge, analysing comments or taking part in conversations amongst fellow photographers or creatives. I got hungry again, hungry with curiosity for discovery. Hungry to fail and adapt. Hungry for the light.

This year also took the expression “creative constraints” to the absolute maximum and most of us spent a LOT of time at home. Restrictions and lockdowns were and maybe still will be part of our lives. I really hope that we’re past the worst though…

During the first lockdown I made several photo series. I was determined to keep trying and keep creating which wasn’t always easy to do. I am pretty happy about creating and putting out the lockdown “QuaranZine” through Blurb (many thanks to those who purchased, I know their postal fees are insane!!!).

Also, in late spring, early summer I helped my 10 year old son Jules to create his own little lockdown zine. He used my Fuji X70 and took part in editing the zine. We are already planning future projects with him!

Apart from huge amount of tv shows, films and great music consumed during the lockdowns, I was happy to reconnect with friends from all over the world via video chats. It was great to see how everyone is doing and how each of them is adapting to restrictions in their respective countries. I also participated in quite a few online pub quizzes with friends online which was much needed fun and a highlight at weekends.

Early June, I was approached by Marcus Voller, fellow photographer from Germany who runs a new website that introduces amateur photographers. He asked to feature me as the first interviewee, so if you’d like to know me a little bit better, check out this link!

As we had a quite normal summer here in France, the other absolute highlight of the year has to be a trip to the Pyrenees mountains with my lady. We escaped the heat of Montpellier and spent a fantastic week in Les Angles. I shared the experience with several posts here in the blog, see this link.

Geek part alert! This year I switched from Lightroom to Darktable. Some words about it just here, and so far I’m pretty happy about it. It’s not perfect but it does what I want it to do. After a few weeks of adapting to how it works and now I’m pretty much rocking and rolling.

Talking about adapting! I wasn’t too happy about this new WordPress editor (like many of fellow bloggers). It did get on my nerves quite a bit this year but unfortunately it’s not going away. We will eventually kiss goodbye the old classic editor so, let’s adapt, right?

Camera wise, I still use my trusted Fuji X70. I’m so used to it and even more so now after I fell back in love with it during the lockdown that I can’t see myself parting ways with the little trickster. I do however want to try another camera in the next year. At the moment, I’m leaning towards Fuji XT20 or a Ricoh GRII but that will depend on many things. I do try to stick to my philosophy of Less is More so it’s not a priority but just something to feed my curiosity about shooting with the mentioned cameras.

Well, that was an unusually long post but I feel it had to be done. Summing up this shitty year with positivity and looking forward. Always looking forward. Thank you for reading all this, if you made it this far, appreciate it a lot and please, don’t hesitate to share Your main highlights in the comments!

Hope you’re well and ending this year on a high! Till very soon,


21 comments on “So long 2020

  1. I’m very flattered, thank you! I’m glad to have found your blog as well, I love your vision. Hopefully 2021 will allow more photographic opportunities outdoors! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention Yuri. 🙂

    I enjoy your photography and narrative – your photos are inspirational. I love street photography but know how difficult it can be to get interesting and attractive results and you tend to get it right on many occasions which in turn helps me aim higher when I make my own attempts, so thank you.

    Lets hope for a somewhat less shitty year in 2021!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I gotta say I love your commitment to the subjects and how you explore them from different perspectives, sometimes with background stories. Especially love the last series in the mist. Cheers!

  3. I enjoyed reading the 7 questions interview about you, Yuri! I’m glad you shared that link. Despite the tryingness of this year it has continued to be a pleasure to follow your work and read your thoughts about things. I like your photographic style and find it quite interesting to hear about your goals and the things you’d like to do behind the viewfinder. And just in general I like reading about your life in Montpelier(sp) and how it ties in with your images. It’s good to be in a circle, together. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jason. Appreciate the kind words and your interest in this blog. Always nice to see you here and following your musings, stories, thoughts which are accompanied by some great images have been very enjoyable. Hope you have a good end of the year.

  4. I get it. I get very few views and very few comments,but when the same people keep coming back and engaging with me time after time, it is more rewarding than any social media.

    In more selfish terms – it’s a nice way for me to have that little glimpse into other peoples lives – keep up the good work.

  5. Wow… I’m feeling a little bit like a fraud in the middle of this list…
    You are one of the new bloggers I’m happy I’ve shared a few comments with and be inspired by during this awful 2020. I’m definitely looking forward to more powerful photos and stories.
    “Talk” to you soon, Yuri.

  6. Great idea to focus on the positives looking back on 2020. It’s been a challenging year for all of us but there were plusses along the way too, as you have shown so well!

  7. Hey Yuri,

    It’s been great chatting with you in the comments of our respective blogs this year. I totally agree with you about how valuable blogging is. The quality of interaction with people who have taken the time to sit down and engage with your work, read your words, and look at your photographs, is great. Thanks a lot for the mention as well!

    This year … I guess on the one hand we had time to be creative, but there were also a lot of obstacles for those of us who like being outdoors! If only we could have had the time and the freedom!

    Here’s to a better 2021 – stay safe, and all the best,


    • Thanks Owain and yes, more obstacles than ever! Thanks to internet and those people who supported each other with encouraging words and communication during the lockdowns.
      I’m happy to have found your blog too and been enjoying reading about your adventures and photography thoughts.
      Let’s hope for a better year! Cheers

      • Likewise Yuri, following your adventures this year has given a more personal insight into what’s happening in France, something I wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s been great to see you getting out and doing street photography, and just whatever photography you can this year.

        All the best for 2021,


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