Behind the scenes

The end of 2020 is approaching fast. I’ve already summed up this year and the highlights in a previous post.
I rarely go way back and look at my blog stats but today I did and I’ve noticed that my first ever WP blog post was written and shared in December 2013! That makes it 7 years to this month. In 2014, I only shared 4 posts but was more active since then. 
I’m going to be sentimental and re-share the original post down below. I remember it very well. Starting out with photography and learning every day by trial and error. I was happy to participate and be the “behind the scenes” photographer on that short student film project. I was also super excited as my 5-year-old son was one of the actors!  Here is the post:
Photography on the short film set.
For this project, I used my 35mm lens as it allowed me to play with depth of field and get really close to the action.




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2 comments on “Behind the scenes

  1. That’s neat backlighting in the bottom frame. It could be a still from The Godfather 🙂 that’s great that you’ve persevered on WordPress for those seven years. It’s not easy doing something like this for that long. Our interests can change and shift so much, people who’ve become familiars may ride off into the sunset for one reason or another. But here’s to finding inspiration and meaning for a few more years, perhaps.

    • Thanks for your comment Jason. I’m thinking of modifying the blog this year a little bit. A new year, a new look maybe or maybe I’ll stretch the limits of it just being a photography blog, don’t know exactly what but feel like shaking it up a bit.
      Thank you for taking interest in my posts and a very happy 2021!

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