Roll on 2021

So here we are, rolling into 2021 and already there’s plenty of things to be shocked by. But I don’t want to go there.

Like many of you perhaps, I’m thinking of my future goals for this year. No resolutions, no. Hardly anyone really succeeds with those. It’s more of a feeling of doing something new, trying a new approach maybe. A new project? Shaking up and modifying the blog? Talking about non-photography related things…? Making more zines for sure! We’ll see.

One new thing that I am taking up this year is being an official Localbini Ambassador of Montpellier. Basically, I will be giving unique flash city tour experience while incorporating street photography. I will have to be patient for it to pick up amid current travel restrictions but I am really looking forward to get started.

Meantime in Montpellier, the daily curfew (20PM – 6AM) is still in place and it’s not too restrictive as it was before but it can still be a pain in the a*** for some evenings when you have to rush back home. It will remain like this until the end of January and then will be reviewed. A possible third lockdown is not off the table…

Here are some images from early January 2021. Covid days. Montpellier, France. Fujifilm X70.

Thank you for visiting and hope your year starts well.


13 comments on “Roll on 2021

  1. Happy New Year, Yuri. Slàinte

    Congratulations on your Ambassadorship. It’s great fun showing people around your hometown.

    Have you any photo projects planned for 2021?

    • Thanks Gary and likewise! About new projects; I really wanna do something conceptual and make a zine after; also planning to cover music rehearsals for my buddy. And always staying open minded to new ideas will be crucial as ever this year. A lot will depend on restrictions… How about you Gary?

      • Some things I want to try. Short slide shows where I include the ambient sound from when the shot was taken.

        My neighbourhood was recently voted the 8th Coolest Neighbourhood in the World. I’m collecting images to show the other side of the neighbourhood (because I’m an arsehole).

        I want to do the homemade zine thing, sellotape, scans, copy etc.

        But I may just watch sports and eat fast food.

  2. Hi Yuri. Great to see you’re producing new work and looking forward to 2021. Who knows what it will bring, but more of the same at the moment by the look of it, in fact here in the UK only becoming worse. Hope France is dealing with things slightly better and all is well with you.
    Take care,

    • Hey Stephen. Nice to see you here and thanks for your comment. I know it’s been pretty hard lately in the Uk so i hope you hang in there. We have to keep our heads up and take every opportunity we have, especially shooting outdoors.
      Stay well and safe. Cheers

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