I find myself making more and more images without people. Just something I have noticed lately while organising or editing final shots.

It is certainly a result of less people being on the streets these days, first of all. On top of that, 95% of people that you’d come across in a city centre would be wearing masks. When masks were introduced earlier last year, it was something new. It was weird and at the same time interesting to document but now, as it became the new normal, I found them pretty irritating. Everyone looks the same. No facial expressions, when you talk to someone, you ask to articulate as it’s hard to understand.

Now, I’m not Bruce Gilden and I don’t really like to invade personal space for a photograph but I do miss capturing faces. Candid moments.

The masks are here to stay so I guess we must adapt.

Shot in Montpellier, France on Fuji X70 (classic chrome)

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10 comments on “Peopleless

  1. Same here. Masks in some way killed street photography. So it’s time to think about something different in our photos. I’d like to take pictures (with permission) of other people’s eyes, to capture an expression above/behind the mask, but I’m too shy to ask so I won’t begin this series of portraits! :/

    • Thanks Alessio. It’s not a bad idea about photographing eyes but yes it requires a certain approach. If you still consider it, best of luck to you for this project!

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