Le curfew update

The first formal “curfew order” was introduced in 1918 by the British board of trade, which ordered shops and entertainment establishments to extinguish their lights by 10:30 p.m. in order to save fuel during World War 1.

This is Le update to the current situation here in France. From mid December, we’re already under a curfew (8pm – 6am) which is fine and not a big issue for me personally as I work early mornings and need to go to sleep quite early.

Yesterday, our prime minister spoke again. Those speeches could easily rival any Netflix show lately. So, in another episode of “Never-ending apocalypse”, the government has decided to make the curfew longer and take away the precious “Apero time”(pre dinner social drinks) from the French people which is just scandalous I tell you. Even I, who has lived here for 11 years now, am very sad and frustrated to hear the latest news. I love them Aperos!

The daily cases are still pretty high in France and nowhere near the target that was set before Christmas. Understandably so, there was a lot of movement up and down the country during the festive period. But 6pm is tight. I’m lucky to have free afternoons to go for photo walks but thinking about people who finish work and just gotta rush home! Pretty insane. Well, they take away our Aperos but congesting people in commute and supermarkets, food shops. Oh, and our prime minister also gave us a little threat that, if the numbers won’t go down, there might be a third full lockdown. AT the moment, it just feels like an inevitability.

Thank you for checking this out and I hope you’re safe and not too effected by restrictions in Your country.

Till next time,


6 comments on “Le curfew update

  1. Oh to stay without Aperos… too tough. Like in every country there are specific traditions we also have ours. But we have no such beautiful tradition as Aperos. Yes, we are going to drink much later. After 21-22. Sounds stupid but nothing to do with, sure you remember how it works here.
    Now our bars and pubs are closed already for around 6 months. There were pirate places but now they are also closed. we drink at home and during the protests (when one drink or smoke, he/her can stay without mask)
    Great colors and the light has taken Yuri. Hope we will go out from this chaos

    • Thanks Victor and yes of course i remember how it works over there. Here, we’ll have to meet up and socialize at home too.
      I can’t even remember how it is to go to a bar or a restaurant anymore…
      wait and hope. Take care!

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