Blog post number 300.

Last Saturday, a few hundred people have gathered in the city centre of Montpellier to express frustration and give their support to the cultural places that have been closed for some time now. Theatres, cinemas, concert halls, photography exhibitions etc,

Something that we have been missing immensely along with other closed places. Theatres and cinemas are a huge part of the French culture, just ask The Lumiere brothers… Well, I think they are crucial and absolutely essential to any nation and country.

I really miss visiting photography exhibitions. It’s something that I used to do about twice a month. I miss going to the cinema and enjoying a movie on a big screen. I miss music gigs and festivals. Last year I got super excited as I purchased a ticket to go see Rage Against The Machine in Paris who were supposed to appear at the summer festival but we all know how that turned out.

Who knows when we will experience a live music concert again. All we can do is wait and hope…

Thank you for checking this out! Do You miss badly any of the mentioned places or you don’t consider them that important? Any opinions you’d like to share, please leave a comment 🙂

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21 comments on “300

  1. All our theatre bookings have been cancelled (6 or 7 since last year…) and who knows if Les Vieilles Charrues will have us this summer? I’m dying for a coffee INSIDE a coffee, with people around me…

    Yes it is really an Etat d’Urgence Culturelle & Sociale…

  2. I miss the cinema so much! We are members of the Picturehouse in Central London. We last went in August 2020, to see Proxima, otherwise we haven’t been since March – and we used to go several times a month! I miss photography exhibitions too, although we did manage more of them between lockdowns last year. But I understand the reason for the closures and I wouldn’t protest them like this. Our infection rates here are so high, especially with this new variant, that we can’t risk opening anything more than the essential shops and services 😦

    • Thank you for the comment Sarah and sorry to hear about what’s happening in the UK, your country seems to be heavily affected. We’re lucky our governement reacted rather quickly but now they’re coming up with new rules every 2 weeks or so which is misleading.

  3. I’m definitely missing all sorts of events. Everything has stopped. Like VO says .. even going out for a normal coffee would be a treat. I just can’t see what else we can do just now. But one thing I believe is that when it ends, and these restrictions will end, there will be a steadily building explosion of culture and it will be magnificent. For now the venues and companies need support – help them survive in the meantime.

  4. I miss just being able to go places freely when I chose. I miss photo exhibitions too, but don’t get to that many each year anyway (most of them are in London or other parts of the country). I’m really missing the cinema though – not just the experience of going, but also the fact that very few films are being released. I managed to see Tenet last September in the brief window when theatres were re-opened, but nothing else since then.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s very frustrating not to have that freedom or choice of places to go at the moment.
      I actually saw Tenet in between the lockdowns too and it was my only cinema viewing in 2020…

  5. Live music is definitely one of the things I miss most. The good vibes, and being surrounded by all kinds of characters also there to have a good time. Ever since moving to the continental US, and especially the East Coast, I would have very much like to visit museums and other attractions. But I am use to isolation to an extent through the military and being deployed to foreign lands. The experience is some what similar. I very much liked looking through your street photography like photos in this post. It’s moving and evokes compassionate emotions.

    • Thank you for the kind words Nicole. I understand what you’re saying about your surroundings and you have an interesting background. I do like the vastness and the peace of isolated places so will be looking forward to seeing your images.

  6. great series Yuri and beautiful idea of the protest against the ignorance and lack of culture. The same is going here. i photographed already a few protests like this and actually, our weekly protests are about the same things. But seems the situation is fully ok to the authorities because they even don’t talk in this direction. well, last week PM got Aviv Geffen as a guest-Artist and they have had a long conversation about it with the live press conference after where PM said a few empty as usual words about how Culture is important and also asked Aviv to say a few even more EMPTY words. It was disgusting to saw them together in front of cameras, microphones, and a “journalists”. Finally, PM decided to give 82M shekel to support the Culture – just in comparison – one of his planes is x10 in prise. Such shame.

  7. Hi Yuri, nice post. It’s important to remind how was our life before and how we are missing a lot of “normal” activities. Cinema is my biggest passion, sometimes more than photography. I also manage a blog about cinema since 12 years. I miss a lot watching movies on a big screen. Then I miss A LOT going to concerts, yesterday I found on my desk tickets of some of the last concerts I attended (Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam) and I was a bit sad, thinking that my next concert will be maybe in 2022.
    It’s so frustrating.

    • Hi Alessio and thanks for commenting! Streaming services have taken over the world and although it’s practical and convinient its’ nothing to compare with seeing a film on a big screen. Lots of cinemas will not recover after all this…
      Your other blog is in Italian right?

  8. Hey Yuri,

    Catching up on the blog after a busy couple of weeks with work. Good work documenting these protests, and necessary ones at that. These are difficult times for a cultural sector that at the best of times doesn’t get as much support as it really should. We all benefit from music, cinema, art, and photography and society is only the richer for it, and only the poorer without it. These things are often taken for granted, but if we take them for granted now, they might not be there when the world is ready to go back to normal.

    • Hi Owain, thanks for stopping by. Totally agree with what you said. A rich society is not mesured by ammounts in a bank but by culture and art. Only then we can move forward as people, staying curious and creative.
      Waiting anxiously for the re-opening. Who knows how long. Fingers crossed.

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