Must quit Instagram

Must quit Instagram

Must quit Instagram

Must quit Instagram

Maybe if I say it to myself often enough, it will eventually happen. This mindless, ad fuelled never-ending stream of like/dislike process is getting worse and worse in my opinion. We are becoming slaves to Algorithms and since Facebook has bought IG, it’s gone downhill for me. I’m not even mentioning their new Shop feature. Seriously, has anyone bought on Instagram?

I prefer and spend more and more time on Twitter which lately has adopted the Instagram like new feature (Stories) but also is way much better for communication and sharing images. An ability to make your custom lists is great and discussions on Twitter is nothing comparing to IG.

I have been sharing less and less on IG, most of the content are photo/video 24h stories and I find the only reason that I’m still on there as I have some contacts who are not on Twitter so I fear of losing those…

But I think when the time comes I’ll have to make a decision and just stick to it. Maybe I’ll take a little hiatus from the app and see how it goes. It will also hopefully give me more time to concentrate on something more important… I know what you’re thinking – to do that I have to quit social media completely! Come on, one step at a time 😉

What do You find is suitable for you? Are you an IG person or do you like Twitter photo community? If you do, you can find me there (@yurirasin)

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment to debate. Till next time,


27 comments on “Must quit Instagram

  1. I dabble in and out of Instagram, currently in, posting most days just to see what happens (and I’m doing a takeover soon on a documentary group page I really like).
    Increasingly, my feed is full of the ‘high end’ hashtags with tens of thousands of followers. Great for them, some photos are excellent…some. I’m not bitter…. There are some amazing photographers out there that we hardly see because the algorithms say no. It’s a constant battle to find the content i wish to see.
    Conversely the Twitter photography community continues to grow stronger and far more interesting, and that’s the one for me (despite many followers I have thinking I’m the basketball star Stephen Curry! Look him up, I’m really not!! It suffers with problems the same as any social media but I’m sticking with it.

    • Thanks Stephen, i knew your name was familiar somehow, now i undertsand! haha so you don’t play any basketball… oh well.
      I get it about your involvment on IG, seems like it’s working fine for you so thats cool. It’s great to also see you on Twitter in any case!

  2. Just like you I’m getting very frustrated with Instagram and the constant ads. It’s ruining the whole thing really. I’m not using Twitter much. I regret the fabulous old days of Flickr which had a real community feel composed with passionate photographers only.
    Do whatever feels right to you. No matter if it doesn’t make sense to quit Instagram only. If you’re not getting anything from it anymore, you’ll leave eventually.

    • Thank you V, Flickr was fun at the beginning, i enjoyed it for a couple of years and when they changed things, it was never the same…
      Thanks, i will follow my instincts!

    • Bemusing how people mix me up, I mean come on! Now Steve McCurry on the other hand, happily mix up there…

      I can see myself coming away from Insta. It’s just hard work and yeah, I forgot to mention the frequency of the ads. Drives me nuts.

  3. I have had a love/hate relationship with Instagram for years. I love the connections I’ve made, and some of the great feeds I follow. But the ads have mushroomed. And now Reels is a siren song that *wastes my time like nothing else*.

    I sometimes use my old iPhone 5 around the house. It has an old version of Instagram on it — the last version my old phone can run. It’s old school Instagram and so pleasant!

    Reels is such a compelling thing for me that I can’t seem to stay out of, that I’m likely to quit Instagram here soon. I’ll miss the people and the feeds but I really hate being sucked into such time-wasting stuff.

    • Thanks for joining in and your opinion Jim. Yea I’ve noticed those reels and not getting near them, very wary of getting drowned in it.
      I wish i had the old version though, seems so simple compared to today…

  4. I’m still a Flickr guy. I have an IG account, but I’ve never particularly gotten on with it. The fact it’s difficult to post from my PC doesn’t help, but the main issue for me is the low resolution images. I get that it’s designed for mobile consumption, but if I see a photograph I like I want to see it full size, or at least in a format where I might understand more about the image or the photographer, such as blog posts..

    I spent a while recently posting every day, but I seem to have fallen back to the occasional dump of images again, which is probably because I find the platform kinda unfulfilling. The fact that I’ve never chased “likes” maybe means I’m not in the target demographic to some degree too.

    • Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right about the likes demographics. Lots of people buy them ffs! Resized images is extremely annoying. Lots of negatives and not enough positives for me in this…

  5. Absolutely agree with you and understand you very well. I don’t like IG but have to stay there bcos of the many connections I did and have only on IG. Right now I found some great local Tattoo artist and going to design something first for me. So, i will stay for some time. I’m less active already

  6. I deleted IG from my phone around six weeks ago and haven’t missed it. It just doesn’t seem right. Crappy, tiny images with serious aspect ratio restrictions and no guarantee of seeing those I follow. The lack of engagement is even worse.

    Gimme this option every time. We have our own pages – we control what people see and how the image is presented. I can choose who I see by visiting their sites when I want to. I know I’m a dinosaur but I will take my RSS reader over socials any day.

    • THanks Gary, everything you have mentioned is true and are good reasons to quit this rabbit hole… I’m trying to stay modern but i guess i do belong to the dinasaur ages haha

  7. i feel your pain, Yuri! i don’t have the insta app on my phone but i use the web version through the browser and on the phone it’s a better version of instagram with NO ads at all)) i use it to check out people i follow and occasionally post something.

    as for using twitter i’ve heard other users praise it as insta alternative many times and i see why. but it takes time to get used to it as a photo platform, especially when the user experience is not the same as insta on mobile. maybe i need to set up my twitter app correctly lol)) also it’s not that easy in terms of getting your pics in front of your followers’ eyes. if you don’t filter out content through lists then it’s one big mess.

    • Thanks Ivan. Yes it takes some organisation but in the end if you have your Twitter dedicated to only photography or mainly so, then it’s pretty easy to share and get feedback. When i share on IG, all i get is a bunch of likes which mean fuck all to me; Now, on Twitter we also have likes(hearts) but there’s more conversation and ultimately more people are exposed to your posts due to Retweets, shares and so on.

      • well i think it is a misconception we have about instagram as a platform for conversation. it’s probably more of a picture scrolling popcorn feed type thing. at least it became to me. as for retweets and shares i agree but then again i don’t really understand how things work on twitter 🤷‍♂️

  8. I agree with you, Yuri and i understand your reasions very well.I hope more people turn their backs on the big players of the social media and work more creatively with the web.

    • Appreciate your comment. It’s what needs to be done but so hard to actually do when you’re sucked into this web. When you’re in so deep, you’re in a constant circle of addiction. I think it at the same time it’ll take some simple realisation and deletion of accounts.

  9. My main issue with IG is that I can’t share photos from my laptop. I use my mobile phone camera only for fun and for occasions when I’m without a ‘proper’ camera. My best photos are only rarely phone ones and I don’t like sharing second-rate work, so I end up sharing very little. When I go into IG I feel guilty because I have lots of friends that use it and I see all the photos they’ve posted that I’ve failed to like or comment on. Then i realise they posted them on Facebook and i commented there, so I wonder why I’m bothering with IG.

    Having said that, I don’t find photo sharing (or blog sharing) on Twitter is very productive, perhaps because for a long time I used it mainly for work and many of my followers are still from that community. I would need to invest time into rebuilding my network and I’m too focused on developing my blog for that. I’ve been neglecting Flickr for the same reason but I do always upload my best travel images there 🙂

    I’ve tried other photo platforms too but none have had the reach of Flickr and/or I’ve been too lazy to really develop contacts and build relationships …

    • Thanks for your comment Sarah. I understand what you’re saying about IG and it’s a similar issue for a lot of people.
      I have been active on Twitter and my Blog for about the same time (7 years) so that’s why i kind of established connections that relate to photography, blogging but also music and cinema.
      Like for many, Flickr was the first photo platform for me but after their changes i quit it and never went back.
      Just looking for that balance i guess and also figuring out what i Really nedd and what i can live Without.

  10. I took nearly all of 2019 off from IG. Didn’t miss it at all which was a bit surprising. Got sucked in over the holidays of 2019 and then off again until I went back in March of 2020 in an effort to get away from COVID doom news. It’s a very mixed bag and I’ve been seeing more and more good photography posted on Twitter which I enjoy. Following you there too. Flickr back in the day was really good and not sure all this algorithm driven stuff will ever quite equal it.

    • Thank you for the comment Scott. Twitter has lots of interesting photo content and links to photo sites, people’s blogs etc.
      Yes it’s a shame about Flickr and at the moment my blog remains the main complete photo sharing site with some writing accompanied.
      I think the first step will be taking IG off my phone and just keep the account, we’ll see… cheers

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