Video of stills

A little update this time. I don’t have a lot of new material lately but the good news for now I guess is that there is no another lockdown… Not for now anyway. The government has been teasing us for a week but no major changes so far. The curfew is still in place and IS still quite annoying but I think we’ll have it till school holidays for sure.

Meantime, I thought why not make a little video with some of my favourite B&W images from last year? So, here we are…

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7 comments on “Video of stills

  1. beautiful series Yuri and it was a great idea to put all these images together.
    we are still in the long and massive lockdown and yesterday they decided to extend it 5 more days.
    Not sure if we will free from Friday, seems like they will find another trick why to hold us some more days. I don’t remember exactly how long this last lockdown already, feels like long like life.

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