Light and shadow study

I’m sharing some images from January 2021.

I haven’t done many walks this month so far. It’s been quite busy and tiring at work, although I’m not complaining. On top of that, the 6pm curfew is still on and is quite annoying to be honest. However, no lockdown yet, so I’ll stop moaning.

Streets are a perfect place for Light and Shadow study. If you get to come out a few times a week, you can learn and remember how light effects certain places in your town. Those street corners that you pass by sometimes and overlook. They become alive at certain times of a day.

Trying a different perspective every now and then also helps and keeps it interesting.

Did I mention that I’m a sucker for reflections…

To those who are in lockdown at the moment – hope you find it painless and keep creating at home. Streets are waiting!

Thank you for visiting,


8 comments on “Light and shadow study

  1. Beautiful series Yuri. You know these lights and shadow are also my territories of interest, so I agree with every word written here about the many certain places in my towns, where I’m regular to explore the light and life.
    stay safe and creative. The lockdown should have ended today after additional 6 days, but they decided to add additional two weeks and I have no idea what is the final word… seems like that is their goal to confuse us – so part of already deadly scared people just stayed at home and don’t really understand the new restrictions or the lack of them.

  2. Really good studies of Light and Shadow, Yuri. You’ve used it really well to create some dynamic Black and White photographs here.

    In these I think the masks work quite nicely because they provide an added point of contrast. They’ll also be interesting historical images in a few years time.

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