On Stand By

We are on stand by. We put a lot of things on hold for the past 12 months or so. We had a glimpse mid 2020 and thought – Hey, we may have actually beaten this thing! – Only to be put on Stand By once again.

But we have to look forward, there’s no way around it. Let’s look forward to reconnecting with our loved ones, going back to normal working days and ways. Let’s look forward to having a choice which restaurant we’re going to visit next, which movie we’ll go see in Cinema, which music festival we’ll choose next.

Let’s look forward to being free to decide again.


8 comments on “On Stand By

  1. Well said words and great moment photographed, Yuri
    But exactly like the pose of this guy – my predictions are not too bright.
    They are talking about the green passport for the vaccinated ppl and their rights to go everywhere without limitation – shopping centers, restaurants, sports places, museums, cinemas, theatres, and other places only for decided to put this unknown inside of their body and become chosen.
    this illegitimate selection = discrimination for me.

    • THank you Victor. Wow, green passport!!?? What is that shit!? Total descrimination and devide amongst people, unbelievable. I think if they only suggest something similar here in France, there will be a revolution! This sounds absolutely nuts.
      Hang in there, stay safe and well!

      • not happening here. people just eat this shit and now even more scared by the news from TV about the new even more dangerous British mutation, so the authorities did they job very well and easy. People just behave like a herd no more.

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