Trying out Fujifilm X-T100

I’m not a gear head. I remember owning 2 cameras at some point, a few years back. One of them was Canon 550D and the other was a point & shoot 10mp Panasonic. That point & shoot eventually led me to selling my bulky Canon and getting a more practical for street photography Fujifilm X70. I still own the X70 and it’s become an extension of my hand. I love the dials on the camera and a fixed prime lens. The autofocus is fast enough for me and the articulating screen is a joy to use. I love how compact it is!

However, a few weeks ago, I made a little purchase for my birthday. For a few months now, I have been looking at trying something new, something different. I was considering on either getting a Ricoh GRIII or staying with Fuji and trying another, more recent model. Finally, I found out that a fellow photographer, here in Montpellier, was selling his Fuji X-T100, and for a very reasonable price too. I went for it.

Bare in mind that this is not a review. There are plenty of these on Youtube or elsewhere. These are my first impressions on the X-T100 and what I’m looking for in a camera.

What I’ve noticed straight away is that it’s slightly heavier than the X70 and that’s partly because of the Electrical Viewfinder, something I was missing on the X70. I bought it with the Kit Lens (15-45) so that adds to the weight too.

The dials for Shutter speed, Exposure have been replaced by a DSLR looking ring with different modes (portrait/landscape/sports etc), like on any Entry level camera. In fact, it can all be customisable in your own way after flicking through the menu. These are some things that are different and which I need to get used to.

On a plus note, there’s a better censor with 24mp in comparison to 16mp on Fuji X70. I know that it might only matter if I blow my images up to a big poster scale but I gotta admit those images come out crisp and sharp.

The battery life on the X-T100 is fantastic and a major plus for me as the X70 eats battery like crazy. Every time I go out, I need to have a spare one in the bag and I always have the camera on the Economy mode. It’s one of the things that frustrates me in my X70. Now, I’ve seen the difference with the new camera and it’s like another world.

So here are my first thoughts on the Fujifilm X-T100. I’ll spend more time with it, get to know it better and will update with further explorations. The images in this post are all taken with the X-T100 in Montpellier, France.

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13 comments on “Trying out Fujifilm X-T100

  1. Yuri, how about focal length, given this one has a zoom lens, did you just use the same focal length as you’re used to from your X70, or experiment with zooming?

    I really like the bird leaving the scene in the main picture, somewhat symmetrical with the leg and its long shadows in the opposite corner.

    • Thanks Dan, i was concentrating to get the running man in the frame but eventually i missed the man and got the bird! That happy mistake kinda shot…

      I was experimenting with zooming. I haven’t done it in about 4 years so i was and am interested to know if my opinion and perception on zoom has changed or not.

  2. Hello Yuri,

    After the year we’ve all had, why not get yourself a little treat, eh? Excellent timing on the picture of the runner – the shadow is perfectly placed so that while the subject leaving the frame creates intrigue, the shadow gives us clues to fill in some of the information and make up the rest.

    Be safe, Yuri.

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