In with Outback

A few days ago, I have finally managed to join my best friend’s band practice/recording session. It’s been on my mind for a while now, to do a little documentary project about Outback – an acoustic rock duo, based in South of France. Organising date and time was always an issue as we all have our lives, children, family, work etc, and now with all these restrictions it’s become even harder but I had an opportunity to start this last week so I didn’t hesitate. It turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

That afternoon I was happy to witness some finishing touches on the songs for their upcoming album. The guys were discussing the potential tunes that will actually be included after recording some vocal tracks. My job was to stay invisible and not interfere too much in their process and yet try to capture the atmosphere and tell the story.

I really hope it won’t be long before I re-join the guys for another session. The CD album cover/promotional photo shoot is already in the plans…We’ll see where this and their future album named “Destination” takes us.

For now, here are a few favourites from the music afternoon.

Shot on Fujifilm X70 – Monochrome preset.

Thank you for checking this out and till next time,


7 comments on “In with Outback

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for the kind words. I’m pretty sure I wanna make a little photo zine and we’ll see about the video. I will have some video content as well. Time will tell.

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