Things are changing and it’s for the best. For the past few days, there have been a few changes in my life. Some changes at work where I have learned new things and gained yet more experience which will be very helpful in the future.

Today, I have also signed a contract for the new apartment and will be moving in about two weeks. It’s exciting. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in the new place.

Meanwhile in France, we’re still moving at the snail speed with vaccination compared to other countries and the 6pm curfew is getting unbearable. When will we have our lives back?

A few images from the last photo walk in the city centre. Taken with Fuji X70, edited in Darktable.

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6 comments on “Changes

  1. congrats on the new apartment. Did you move to another part of town or are you in the same area? As usual, hang in there Yuri. 6o clock curfew is tough. just this morning I was reading with interest a big feature in the New York Times about Macron’s major difficulties and challenges navigating France out of extraordinary pandemic-related crises

    • Hi Jason and thanks for your comment. I’m moving into a new area but not too far from the old one and pretty close to the city center.

      Macron had reacted very well at the beginning i thought. Last year we went into lockdown after Spain and Germany but the decisions that came after last summer have been very confusing and frustrating. Not even talking about a very very slow vaccination around the country.
      A lot of people have had enough.
      Hope you’re well at your end!

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