Colour is back

This is the first blog post in my new apartment. I have been absent on WP recently and that’s because I have been very busy with the move. I don’t need to tell you how it is. Along with excitement there’s a lot of stress too. But with little help from my friends, it all went pretty smoothly.

So before I start discovering my new place photographically, I’d like to share some images from the last photo walks in Montpellier, France. Warm days are coming and colours naturally appeal to me. At the moment, my Fuji is set on Provia preset, 28mm full framer, auto ISO, between f8 – f11 and 500/1000 shutter speed.

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4 comments on “Colour is back

  1. Nice photos and we’re all ready for warmer days. I also have gone back to Provia as my default. I had been using Classic Chrome a lot for the past couple of years and also tried to make variations of Pro Neg and Astia work but after going back through older photos, the ones shot on Provia have consistently good color.

  2. This is me realising I have never seen you shoot colour before. I am a terrible detective. Nice set. I guess your weather is getting quite warm already? Do you normally have a lot of tourism too?

    I always prefer shooting street when people are in their happy summer mood – unfortunately I live in Scotland.

    • Thanks Gary, yes i shoot both Colour and B&W. Maybe recently more monochrome was shared but I dont think i can give up Colour. I love especially this time of the year. It is getting warmer after a few colder days so we’re enjoying quite a bit of sun already.
      There are obviously less tourists this year but Montpellier is still an inetrnational city and you can hear different languages spoken on streets very often.

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