Windows into nature

I believe it has been a while since I’ve done a bog post. Last month I have moved to a new place. It’s a little bigger but there were some unexpected complications just after the move. Now that I’ve settled in, hopefully these issues will resolve.

Meantime on photo news: I have kinda given up on the Fuji x-T100 that I got myself a few months ago. It has its pluses but I have come to conclusion that it really is a good entry level camera, not more than that. If you’re already familiar with Fujifilm, I wouldn’t recommend it. So, it’s back in the bow for now. Will consider selling it in the future and updating for real with something like Fuji 100f or a 100v. If these are Your cameras, I would love to know what you think! Basically, I’m interested in a good autofocus, battery life, on-camera functions and compactness.

The images below are from a walk in Lattes ( a natural reserve near Montpellier ). I spent a lovely afternoon with my friends, enjoying the spring sun before we got hit with the cold weather again. One of the paths led us to the area with those handmade wooden windows. They reminded me of airplane windows… By the way, if you don’t remember what the airplane is, don’t blame you – google it 🙂 Meanwhile, we were enjoying the windows into the nature.

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4 comments on “Windows into nature

  1. These wooden windows are awesome. Spring has turned cold where I am again as well so it’s great you could get out with some earlier sun and warmth.
    Regarding the X100 cameras, I have had the X100S, T, F and V. You cannot go wrong buying either the F or the V and the F is probably an incredible value right now. I upgraded to the V for weathersealing (which I really don’t need), the flip out screen (which I haven’t used much), redesigned lens (up close it is much sharper), and some improvements to the customization settings. I found one used from a rental company at a good discount.
    That said, the F is great and I do miss a few things from it. The lens is a bit quieter when focusing, the D-pad offered a few more options for custom buttons, and what I miss the most is the View Mode button.
    You may feel differently but I find the 35mm equivalent to be very versatile and it is rare that I would want for a different focal length. Plus, I’ve shot with this focal length so much, I see this way now and that makes framing and composition easier.
    As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of the X100 cameras. From what I’ve seen of your photos, I think it could be a very nice fit for you as well.

    • Hi Scott and thanks for your comment and recommendations.
      At the moment i can only see the F for around 850euros used. If i sell the x-t100 can pay for half of it, we’ll see.
      I do love the 35mm and even though my X70 is at 28mm full frame eq. i find myself cropping the images a little so there will be no issues at all of having the 35.

  2. Glad to hear from you, Yuri.
    happy that you already moved and set the things…i always hated the moving process and now already 11 years living at the same place in the village chosen by occasion and a mistake. don’t know how it’s right to sit for such a long time at the same place.. maybe because I’m very dynamic during evenings and weekends, so I need some stability at home

    I love these frames in the frame you found. really looks like the windows of something that soon we will need to search for in Google or in the offline encyclopedia (the old style wiki) 🙂

    there are flights already but only with this green shit or tons of the tests… I’m still sabotaging this.

    • Hi Victor, thanks for stopping by. Still to see how the summer goes in the new place, might have to move again if the current issues are not resolved but it’s ok, i don’t have much stuff to move. The last move only took a few hours…

      I had a suspission last week so i tested and came out negative… but yea, gonna have to wait before traveling. Can’t wait to go see my family in Ashdod, it’s been a while… cheers

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