Till the curfew hour

Spring is having a hard time this year. It came briefly last month and we were spoiled with some very warm days but then it retreated and we can all feel winter is still lurking around the corner.

As I leave for work at 5am, I can certainly feel that cold air against my face as I cycle through the old city centre. By the time I finish my workday it would warm up a little, just give us a hint of what’s to come but never get too warm so we could ditch these warm jackets and sweaters.

Spring is in hesitation mode, it’s reinstalling, updating if you like. But no doubt we will enjoy these warm spring moments very soon. The planet seems to have cooled down over the past year or so. Lockdowns over the world have played the part.

Meantime, I’m enjoying my week of holidays with my boys. Going for walks whenever we like as rain has been staying away the last few days. We’ll make the most of it, we’ll walk till the curfew hour…

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