Another month in limbo

Nearly end of April. Another month in limbo. Waiting for another update from the government on what will happen, what dish will they serve in May, any more surprises? It seems like they’re making it up as they go along.

Close shops – open shops – close bars – open cafés – open hairdressers and bookshops – close non-essential shops – open restaurants for take aways – go out – don’t go out – travel but not too far – go out but be back by 7pm – breathe – don’t breathe …etc,

For now, the playground is limited but I’d still keep chasing light and shadows when I can.

Thank you for visiting,


11 comments on “Another month in limbo

  1. Keep photographing, keep sharing Yuri!

    We’ve been through similar cycles over here with lockdowns as I’m sure you know. It seems like the very cautious approach since the turn of the year is working, and we are gradually coming out of lockdown, with schools and most businesses open, the vaccinations well on track, and that early January peak continuing to steadily dwindle towards zero. If you believe what you read of course.

    • Hi Dan, thank you for encouraging words. We must keep going no matter what right? I just wish they’d stop messing with us and get on with vaccinations. It’s been pretty slow here in France. Hope you’re well

      • Yuir, yeh there’s no choice but to keep going. We try to focus on the positives from the lockdown, like how much we’ve walked together as a family and explored the many footpaths and bridleways of our local area, how much money we’ve saved, and the slower, simpler pace of life, to mention a few.

  2. This is a really nice set of photos so maybe some good is coming from the constraints, as unclear as they may be. The people in them appear dressed for chilly weather but the sunlight on the stone is so warm. It’s a great contrast and the shadows are revealing just enough to draw your eye in as well. Thanks for sharing and hope the next month brings clarity and some more openness.

    • Thanks Scott, always appreciate your feedback. The constraints are good, no doubt. It’s the limited freedom, freedom of choice and decision that’s missing at the moment. Things get decided for us. We’ve nothing to do but wait…
      Like you said, hoping for some clarity in the next few weeks! Take care

  3. Great street moments and the light you caught Yuri.

    “don’t breathe”…
    this sounds so horrible.
    after the 4th elections, we still have no government here. that means – no proper budget, no police to which we have to believe, there is no one politician who is standing for people right now – the huge EGOTRIP with all the vaccination, “only for vaccinated” rules. and last two weeks an escalation in the relationship between Arabs and Jews. Clashes in Jerusalem.
    I’m trying to find something positive.. I don’t find a thing.

    • Hi Victor, thanks a lot for stopping by.
      Yes i see a lot of turbulence and mess in Israel at the moment. The positives will be always be found within the closest circles of friends or family. Challenging times for sure. I so hope to come visit this summer…

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