Back to life, Back to reality?

Tomorrow is a big day in France. Something that we’ve been waiting for since I don’t even remember when to be honest. Tomorrow is important in many ways, for the country, for businesses etc, But most importantly, it’s important for us, people. For our mental health. Something that was put aside during this pandemic. Mental health took a backseat for a few months. Tomorrow, restaurants and bars will open their terraces and the curfew will change from 7pm to 9pm…

I must admit I did enjoy a calmer city center and photographically it was interesting to observe. I found that I had more space to work with. Some corners and squares that were always busy and bustling before, were an open canvas to me.

But It is time. It’s time to go back to normality, whatever that means. Back to our social lives. Back to having a choice of going to a restaurant or just meeting up with friends and having a quick drink in the sun in the city center.

So in the words of Soul II Soul – are we Back to life, Back to reality???

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9 comments on “Back to life, Back to reality?

  1. Enjoy the “freedom” Yuri! We are also “de-confining ” here in Portugal and it’s definitely much needed, even to an introvert like myself who loves being at home it was starting to be too much.

    • Thanks Luis! I love spending time at home too but it’s the lack of freedom of choice really. It’s all getting too much and for far too long so the re-openning is very much welcome 🙂 take care!

  2. congrats! good to hear you’re getting back to “normal”)) more street photos with people!

  3. The “New Delta” :-))))))))))))
    and the new hysteria started after the two weeks of the complete opened country.
    but somehow their Airport test system was down during the weekend and more than 2000 ppl entered the country without any kind of check. So now they got another reason to raise the amount of the test and the numbers of course. MORE TESTS=HIGHER NUMBERS. even people don’t know that are infected. :-))
    now all the news is screaming the numbers and almost all the new infected were also vaccinated.
    the best way to legitimate the need to renew the vaccination. Like Heroin dealers but their jabs are free:-) (not really – people paid for everything with their health insurance funds monthly contributions).
    Take care bro. stay bright and healthy in your mind.

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