Normal summer?

Summer is here. It came later to the South of France but make no mistake, it’s here. +34 C outside as I’m writing this.

Quick updates:

  • released new zine about my best friend’s acoustic duo “Outback
  • first vaccine jab is done, one to go
  • next week, moving again (second move in 3 months) feel like a nomad.
  • shooting less, in summer always shooting less. Something about the heat I guess…
  • enjoying playlist making on Spotify and discovering interesting podcasts
  • Recent gems worth watching were: “Time” (BBC drama), “Vikings” season 6 (part 1), “What happened Miss Simone?” (documentary about the legendary artist Nina Simone)
  • Euro 2020 is under way so some football & beer sessions are planned with close friends

Some recent images of Montpellier. Taken with Fujifilm X70

Hope you guys are all well, thanks for checking this out and what are you up to these days?


2 comments on “Normal summer?

  1. What I’d give for some of that southern Europe weather.

    Nice shots there, looks like a nice town for street, nut doesn’t every town that’s not your own?

    • Thanks Gary. Yea it’s a very photogenic city but we all know it’s all about your attitude and approach. You can find images anywhere!
      I’m feeling lazy at the moment. Don’t really like this heat

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