Lately I have not been too motivated to get out and shoot some street. I can try and find some excuses, justify myself but I won’t do that. I don’t wanna put pressure on myself either. I’m doing it for myself and myself only.

Even though I always shoot digital, I try to apply a film photography discipline and not go shutter crazy. I want the image to be important, to mean something to me in one way or another. Hence, shooting less with no reason and leaning towards doing more projects or shooting with themes in mind and finally making prints or zines… I feel that’s the way forward in my photography path.

Discipline and organisation are not my strongest. I’m spontaneous and often lazy but I know when I’m really into something I am fully into it and will get it done. I just need a kick in the butt or some inspiration from the people I admire.

What about you guys? Are you working on some interesting projects or you’re very happy to keep roaming the streets capturing life as it is around you? Curious to know 🙂


21 comments on “Lately…

  1. An intriguing photo Yuri. I’m looking at it, trying to figure it out. I figure it’s a clever reflection of yourself against glass over a trellis?

    As for my photography … I’m sorry to say that I’ve shelved my camera for months now. I’m not inspired nor motivated to go out and shoot. That plus all the government health warnings to stay away and stay home. As restrictions ease, I hope the spark will come back ro you & me both.

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by. You figured it out – it’s a reflection. I saw lots of layers and a good light, something spoke to me.

      Sorry to hear you’ve been effected creatively in such way. These past couple of years have been nothing but easy. Here’s to creativity comeback!

  2. Nice photo Yuri.

    I have periods where my enthusiasm can wane. Usually it just takes a bit of inspiration to get my desire to make photographs re-lit. Photobooks are my usual source, but blogs and YouTube videos are good too.
    I shoot mostly film, so that discipline to carefully consider when to press the shutter is built-in, but it’s easy to lose it when using a digital camera. I’ve gone out in the past with the intention of shooting “virtual film” and pretending I only have 36 shots in my digital camera, but then end up coming home with two-hundred!

    • Thank you. I don’t normally limit myself to only 36 shots or so but in general, after a daily photo walk i come back with around 25,30 shots and maybe 3 or 4 real keepers. It’s a state of mind. However, if i have a project to shoot, i shoot way more as i don’t wanna miss any important moment. It’s a longer editing work afterwards of course but the outcome is more valuable to me.

  3. I’m working on a couple of projects that I will probably print veggie the end of the year.

    One is a set of images I’ve made whilst sitting up alone, late at night.
    The other, an exploration of my neighbourhood since it was named the “8th coolest in the world.”

    Yes, you’ll get a free copy of both.

  4. I totally get the feeling of slacking on what I think is my passion. I often do that with writing. Am trying to take a more disciplined approach though, and the most important bit is doing it exactly when I don’t feel like it. Every time I do that, my writing muscle just gets stronger. Anyway, thanks for this post!

  5. Hey Yuri. i love the image you published here. somehow it reflects the mood you describe in this post.
    Nothing should be under pressure and in force, especially Art. Yes, sometimes this can work, slight pushes, but not the constant forces.
    I’m photographing a lot. even last month I had also some pause but not complete pause, just less motivation, but both film and digital are always with me.
    Finally, two days ago I gave up with Blurb. I just finished my zine with some eas text and uploaded it with the goal to buy a test copy and to check the quality and the text. When I say the shipping for the 1 SINGLE COPY of the cheap Trade zine – I was in shock – US $42.46 to Israel. So I checked with more copies – say 10 – the shipping went to x10. Oh, man. They killed me completely. And killed my desire to make zines. I sure that this shipping is lower to other countries, but can’t promote it and to let to ppl to buy it without proper check of the quality. end of the story.

    • Hi Victor, thanks for your comment. Glad you’re staying active and in both medium also!

      Wow, I didn’t realize the delivery price for Israel was so expensive. It’s already expensive in Europe i think but 42USD is insane!!!
      I have received 5 copies of my recent zine (with 25% off deal) and all together it cost me 32euros… it’s not too bad.

      I guess you’ll have to search and find other printing companies, maybe local ones that have minimum delivery rates? Best of luck

  6. It’s been a tough few months. I have not shot Street for so long it’s unreal ! Possibly 3 years. What with a few medical issues and a Stroke it’s been hard work to be motivated. The worst thing is I feel like shooting now but really don’t like shooting Street in the Summer ! Now reading this I have decided to go out Tomorrow and and shoot some Street. Summer can be very boring out on the Streets but it’s about time I went for a walk in the City !!

    • Thanks Matt, glad it somewhat inspired you to go out, enjoy and capture these fleeting moments on the streets…
      Summer is my least favorite time too and I’m not shooting much for now but you never know when it hits you…

  7. It’s a common feeling for creative people, I guess. Last november I wasn’t able to step out from my couch, photography was suddenly pointless for me. So I decided to begin a 365 Project since 1 January to force me to go out every day and take a photo. Sometimes is hard to do it, but I’m still going on with the project, after 235 days and I restored a good feeling with photography again. Be patient, take some time for you and forget photography for a while, your passion and motivation will be back soon. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Alessio! Yes, I’m taking my time. Procrastinating if you like haha. Haven’t found an interesting project to do yet. Time will tell.
      Enjoy the rest of the week

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