A week in Auvergne: part I

I have received an email from WordPress a few days ago, notifying me about the yearly payment for this blog. I must admit I thought about it for a second and considered downgrading. I have been pretty lazy with posting lately… Eventually, I have decided to keep it as it is. This will pass, I’m sure of it and I’ll be back to sharing more regularly. I have to stay optimistic.

I will start sharing some images from the week of holidays that we have spent in Auvergne, central France. It was great to get away from the southern city heat and spend some time in the mountains.

Most of the photos are in colour so they’re coming soon, in the next posts. These three shots had to be Black & White.

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10 comments on “A week in Auvergne: part I

    • Thanks Scott! In the first shot I’m looking up at the person who is going down on a very long rope (tyrolienne) from a mountain. It’s actually the second longest (600m) rope descent in France.
      Later my girlfriend and I would go for the experience. Worth every penny!

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