The Other Side Of The Med: Part I

After two long years of waiting to see my family, I finally made it. Not long after travel restrictions were eased, I have booked my flight to Israel. Taking a week off work was not an issue and I was pretty happy to go in October instead of my usual summer visits. The big heat has gone and we even got a few cooler late evenings.

As per usual, I spent a day in Tel-Aviv. I really enjoy visiting this city and this time was no different. I pretty much walked for about 6 hours. Getting lost, seeing some new things, some old ones.

A week has gone pretty fast. Seeing family was of course the priority as it’s been 2 years already… Catching up with old friends was great too and I hope it won’t be long before I come back here.

The photos below are taken in Tel-Aviv with Fujifilm X70

Thanks for visiting and till next time


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