This Week

Welcome to the new segment. This is a page that I’ll try to update weekly with what’s been happening around me, what caught my eye, my ear, my mind etc.

Third week of lockdown in France. I’m lucky that my boys live only 5 minutes away from me so I get to see them at least once a week.

  • Inspired by Austin Kleon’s newsletter post on making mini zines with your kids, we dug in and made our own! A great and simple activity. You only need an A4 paper, a pen, and your imagination.



  •  I started a “50 photos inside” challenge. Creative limitations right? Inspired by fellow photobloggers and looking at some fascinating similar projects can only lift you up, inspire and motivate you. Looking forward to sharing the rest in future posts…



  • After having watched the amazing latest season of “Ozark”, I started the new series “Unorthodox” about an Ultra-orthodox Jewish girl who decides to change her life by leaving her community. It is quite fascinating.
Unorthodox on Netflix


  • Video chats people! I have been chatting, catching up with my friends all over the world and it feels great. We don’t do it often enough, normally everybody is busy, going on with their life but during this self-isolation, the internet plays a big role so why not benefit?
  • Music: I’ve been listening to some Jazz playlists while making blog posts or while cooking… Also, the last 6 songs mini-album from Christine & The Queens is really something…

I hope you’re well and till next time!



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